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+9647709710874 I have been nominated by the "Universal Restaurant Ur" to represent the Iraqi cuisine. Since 1990, I started my career as a “Commis Cook” then developed my skills into “Station Chef – Chef De Partie” now I am an Executive Chef. Experienced Western, Mediterranean and the Iraqi cuisine. Mostly request for: The Iraqi kuzi, maskof and grilled fish, All kind of Iraqi grills, meat and vegetable stews, rice (red, yellow, green…), stuffed lambs and birds, Yamani Mendy, Iraqi Kliecha, Pacha, Dolma, Hebeet, Deleimya, Borek and much more. Ready for cluttering and frozen food supply.

Top Dishes By This Cook

Kuzi Ala Tmmen - Half Lamb

A tray of a half of a lamb weighing 7 Kg, 3 Kg rice, macaroni, 500g fried potatoes, 250g dried sultana raisins, 250g green peas, 250g roasted almonds, and one kind of stew as desired by the customer. Serving 9 – 12 persons. Note: Containers and spoons are free of charge.

د.ع 250000

Lamb Kebab

1 kilogram of lamb Kebab, half a kilo of grilled onions, half a kilo of grilled tomatoes, a quarter of a kilo of pickles, five breads and two bunches of parsley.

د.ع 20000

Kuzi Ala Tmmen - quarter

A tray of a quarter of a lamb weighing 3.5Kg, 1.5 Kg rice, macaroni, 250g fried potatoes, 125g dried sultana raisins, 125g green peas, 125g almonds, and one kind of stew as desired by the customer. .. Note: Containers and spoons are free of charge.

د.ع 125000

Dolma with Lamb Ribs

Iraqi Dolma: Rice - Mutton - Mixed vegetables with Grape and Chard leaves, with a layer of lamb ribs under the dome to add the authentic Iraqi flavor. Baghdady tandoori bread and salad ... Quantity 5 -10 persons.

د.ع 75000


"Pacha" is the most popular and distinguished dish in Iraq. It is served with the Iraqi tandoori bread that is soaked in in boiled sheep’s head broth. a side of "Tourshi", a mixture of pickled vegetables. And while the cheek and tongue are considered the best morsels, most people do not eat the very delicious, mushy and juicy Eyeballs. The Iraqis enjoy the part that comes to breaking into the skullition to eat the brain. The Pacha usually cooked in the broth including the sheep’s feet and stomach (stuffed with rice, sultana, spices, and almond).

د.ع 60000

Masgouf Fish

Masgouf fish with yellow rice, Iraqi bread, lemon, pickle, onion, and tomato. Iraq is unique in the Masgouf dish, which is one of the most famous Iraqi cuisine’s dishes. Anyone who visits Iraq, especially the Abu Nawas area in the capital Baghdad, has to deal with Masgouf especially in the restaurants that cater only to the Masgouf, which is spread on the shores of the Tigris and the Euphrates ... The cook opens the fish into the shape of a large, symmetrical circle while leaving the belly intact then stitched in wooden or iron spikes to form a ring of fish mediated by fire from the local wood to add the unique Iraqi Masgouf flavor.

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