Tarabiesh Osmanli

دج 80

Category: Sweets & Pastries

Country of Dish: Turkey

Mainly made of Suger, Almond, and Egg.

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Alcohol-free YES

About This Cook

+213 (657) 193-483 My name is Djamila from the city of Blida, Algeria. The district of 17 October - No. 8 city of Khamis Maliana, Ain El Diffa province. Eastern and Western Sweets & Pastries Chef. Specialist in Algerian traditional homemade Sweets and Pastries.

Top Dishes By This Cook

Feast Bread

Delicious Eid (feast) bread is made from high semolina, eggs, fat, and yeast - free from sugar.

دج 250

Algerian Baklava

The Algerian baklava is one of the sweets with wheat flour and contains almonds, sugar, and honey.

دج 80

Tarabiesh Osmanli

Mainly made of Suger, Almond, and Egg.

دج 80


Sweet sweethearts are all love and beauty! It is made of wheat flour, paint, almonds, wet sugar and sugar paste for decorating

دج 50

Coconut Boats

Coconut boats are lifeboats of boredom ... consisting of coconut, sugar, eggs, wheat flour and butter.

دج 40


A sweet called Chorakو means crescent in Turkish containing wheat flour, wet sugar, and almonds.

دج 60

Sabli Peanut

Sabli with peanuts contains butter, sugar, eggs and wheat flour

دج 30

Holawat Al Araish

Consisting of wheat flour, margarine, sugar, rose water, almonds, eggs and soft sugar.

دج 70


Wheat flour, ghee, rose water and fillings made of almonds, soft sugar and eggs.

دج 79.2

Dark chocolate cake

Dark chocolate cake for Birthdays.

دج 27

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