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Cupcake by Anas Oct 11

A traditional Cupcake for the Tea-party meetings.

د.ع 10

Masgouf by Anas Oct 11

Masgouf, is a Mesopotamian dish consisting of seasoned, grilled carp; it is often considered the national dish of Iraq.

د.ع 25000

Cake by Anas Oct 11

طيبه ولذيذه مع الشاي صباحاً

د.ع 10

Dark chocolate cake by Djamila Mekki

Dark chocolate cake for Birthdays.

دج 30

Biryani by Team Comelite

It is a awesome dish

INR 200

Tortilla Espanol1 by Lucia2

Spanish omelette, or literally Spanish tortilla, is the English name for a traditional dish from Spanish cuisine called tortilla española, tortilla de patatas or tortilla de papas.

IRR 60

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