Simple and Easy

How Does It Work?

UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT – UR is a place where people from all over the world and all walks of life can benefit. You don’t need to be a super chef to get involved in UR. If you’re good at making appetizers, beverages, jams, even salads, then you can join!

UR is an online platform where Cooks and Users meet, to be served and to be of service. At UR our talented Cooks can serve in three ways:

  • Pick-up by User: here the User makes the Online Order and goes to the Cook’s residence to collect their amazing food.
  • Prepare & Deliver: here the User makes the Online Order, and the Cook prepares and delivers the order to the Users residence.
  • Eat at your Cook’s home: in this case, the User makes the Online Order, then goes to dine at the Cook’s residence, to enjoy the Cook's hospitality themselves, or to invite friends/family.

Host a tea party or al fresco event on your beautiful garden terrace!
Invite friends & User to your fruit garden and offer your unique range of home prepared specials.
Create a memorable meal for 2 on your balcony, with amazing ambience and beautiful scenery.
Preserve your family traditions with UR and share your nation’s best meals with users online.

Our Ranking System

UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT – UR is the place where people from all over the world and all walks of life can benefit.

UR uses algorithms to automatically rank its cooks to award Master Chef (Black Hat), Champion Chef (Green Hat) and Chef (White Hat). The user’s reviews of (Delicious, Timing, Hygiene, Amount, and Price) are the datum used in the ranking calculation.

So, no matter what you can provide, as long as it can be eaten, you’re a candidate to become a UR Chef.

What if you crave popular, traditional or favorite dishes while away from home? All you have to do is search for and contact one of our chefs close by; to prepare and deliver whatever you desire, or to collect and even to enjoy along with their hospitality.

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